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Another month has gone by and I’m still finding this new hobby very enjoyable. This month I kept working on some of the challenges from the previous piano progress report while also expanding a bit into new territory. Nothing is perfect at this point, but I’m having fun and that’s what matters. Here is my piano progress after 3 months 🙂

3 Months Piano Progress Report

In this third month of learning the piano, Bach’s Prelude in C Major got me very interested. I believe I saw it somewhere recommended as a beginner-friendly piece because it does not require complex techniques to play and keeps a very consistent rhythm pattern throughout. It is so beautiful that I went online searching for a good music sheet (imslp.org is a good resource for classical music sheets), printed it and started learning it!
Side note: Some of you have asked me on Youtube how I learned how to read. I actually already knew how to do it (slowly), but I recommend anyone wanting to get better at it to check this video on “the landmark system”. It definitely helped me refresh my memory and it is probably the best way to learn it.

Other than that, I kept working on some scales, although not as much as I should, probably 😀 and also Beethoven’s Fur Elise, which I now can play start to finish! Well, the notes at least, and with mistakes 😄 but the main achievement here is getting all the notes and fingering down. Now it’s practice, practice, practice! 💪 ah, I also took some time to experiment with chords and making small improvisations. Thank you Toebex for the motivation!

While doing these at home, in my weekly one-hour class I have been doing some small beginner pieces from Alfred’s Premier Piano Course 1B level, which allow me to get some practice with reading and different techniques in short easy to learn pieces.

The Video Report

Here’s the video for my piano progress after three months, covering all of the above 😊 Feedback and constructive criticism are welcome as always!

You can check all of my progress reports in this playlist if you’re curious 🙂

Technical Changes

For this video, I made some important technical changes. I took the time to learn how to use DAW software to record the MIDI output of my digital piano. This way I can use a VST to generate the sound you hear in the video. Doing this produces a much better-sounding result since you won’t hear any more background noises and the sound quality is not limited by the digital piano’s internal speakers or my phone’s microphone. I’m very happy with the result, and that’s one less thing I need to learn for my other side project 😉

What Comes Next

Next month I’ll be going on vacation, and that most likely means I won’t play at all for a full month (oh no!). I hope my fingers don’t forget everything while I’m away hehe. Anyway, this means it won’t make sense to do another progress report soon. I prefer to do them when I find it interesting, rather than making it a fixed schedule.

So see you in the next one, and keep practicing 🎵

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