My Piano Progress After Two Months Learning

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Last month I went ahead with one of my ideas and recorded a video of my piano progress after two months of playing it consistently. It’s my first video ever playing the piano, and it was really great to make it public and get all kinds of constructive and encouraging feedback 馃檪

The First Piano Progress Report is Up!

I made it a sort of progress report, revealing what I mostly worked on in my first 2 months as a piano beginner. This was inspired by some really cool videos I’d seen before, such as聽Daniel’s聽and the very popular one from聽Brandon. It’s not an innovative formula, but I’m happy for having done it. Along with the recording I added some personal comments. These mention some of the challenges and what I still feel like I need to improve. This way, it was a great self-reflection exercise as well! Unlike this late post*, the video was recorded on 16/06/2019 . The audio is not the best quality, but I managed to improve it in the following piano progress report by using the MIDI output of my digital piano. Be my guest and check out the end result here 馃檪

Future Plans

These piano progress reports could either become a monthly series or (most likely) become a sporadic series that I update whenever I feel it’s relevant. The third month is coming to an end and I’ve basically just been playing around with scales, chords and fur elise haha oh fur elise. Playing the whole thing smoothly is way above my level, but I can get all the notes down and it’s fun, so who cares? As a friend once said, it’s not a test, so might as well do it if you are having fun.

Next Pieces to Work On

At the moment I’m motivated to learn some more accessible classical style pieces. I’ll definitely keep practicing Beethoven’s Fur Elise and try to nail the harder sections though. That being said, the next piece I want to learn (start to finish) is Bach’s Prelude in C Major, BWV 846. It is relatively simple, beautiful and came recommended as a beginner piece 馃檪

What would you recommend?聽馃幍

* Note to self: Learn to post when you upload the video.

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