How to Download and Use Synthesia Video Creator

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How to Download and Use Synthesia Video Creator

Hey all, in this blog post I’ll teach you how to download synthesia video creator.

As you probably know from my previous “How to Create Piano Visualization Videos with Particles” guide, one of the most important tools to create the MIDI piano roll part of the video is Synthesia. However, to get the MIDI falling notes in a high-quality output video file you will also need the Synthesia Video Creator software, which you have to install separately!

Since some of you Lifetappers out there have been having some difficulties in finding and downloading this tool I figured I might as well do a post on it 🙂

Where to Download Synthesia Video Creator

If you’re here to find the answer to this question, rest assured, you won’t have to look around no more. The download link is sort of hidden in Synthesia’s website because, in their words: “The Video Creator sometimes has trouble running on certain systems for reasons we haven’t been able to track down. This tool will return soon—with new features—built right into Synthesia itself.”

Well ok Synthesia, but meanwhile years go by and the update isn’t coming lol do if you want to make videos like these, all you need is right here.

Synthesia Video Creator Installers

You can get the download links for the most up to date versions in my piano resources collection in Discord:

If you’d like to get the files from the official website I also have instructions for that on the piano resources collection.

How to use Synthesia Video Creator

Using the Video Creator app is pretty straight forward. Just open it, enter the path to your MIDI file and choose your desired video output format. I use the following:

synthesia video creator settings

Oh, you probably also want to go to “More Options” and disable the checkboxes in there. They only add clutter to your video.
After that, click Export and you’ll have a final settings screen to complete.

I don’t have access to the tool right now, so I’ll be completing this section in the future, including the extra settings I use for the best video output. If you’d like to get a heads up when I do, subscribe to the lifetap newsletter! 👇

Alternative To Using Synthesia Video Creator

Let’s say you don’t want to use synthesia video creator. Maybe it doesn’t work on your computer, or maybe you just like to experiment with different methods. Well, my first suggestion is: give it another try! Seriously, as far as I know, this is the simplest tool you can use to make this kind of piano visualization video.

If you really must not use it, you can try to use a screen recorder. In this case, make sure you find one that is able to record with high image quality and framerate, especially if you intend to use After Effects to edit the video later on. When it comes to screen recorders, I have tried a few in the past, and my favorite at the moment is OBS because it is free and has all the settings I need. It might not be the most beginner-friendly interface, but if you’re a little patient and don’t mind making a couple of google searches while you’re using it for the first time, you’re golden 🙂

Still Have Questions?

Hopefully this was clear enough, but if you still have any questions feel free to leave a comment below, or you can always find me on my Discord or Youtube 🙂

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  1. Brandon Grimes

    Another option that I’ve used once is “SeeMusic” it costs a few dollars a month. However, it exports your MIDI to video. If you’re not good with After Effects you can even add your own effects within the app. The guy who built it is constantly updating it. However, I still think with Adobe you can do more. But you can still use See Music to create a video file.

  2. Janete Mason

    Hi, Thanks for this very helpful.When I export the webm video and concert it changes the colour of the drop down notes, Don’t really understand why? Any ideas

    1. lifetap

      Hey mate. I’m pretty late here lol I export in AVI format as you can see in the screenshot, not webm 🙂 hope that helps

  3. Mia

    Where ist the Download Link?
    Good Job for Sharing 😊

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