Adult Piano Beginner: Hello world!

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It’s happening! I finally went through and started this blog project on my progress as an adult piano beginner! Here I want to create a record of my piano journey, starting at 26 years old. My thoughts, the music I enjoy, what inspires me, my goals, my progress and side projects. This whole experience will also serve as a fun way for me to get to know a bit more about website creation using WordPress and related tools 馃檪 no doubt I’ll be learning a lot through it all!

Who am I?

I’m a 26 years old software engineer with a little background in music. As a child, I played the violin for about 3 years (I have zero skills to show for it haha). At this time I was introduced to the basic concepts of reading music notes and tempos. As I grew older, however, I stopped playing it for lack of interest/fun and started having some electrical guitar lessons (kids, you know…). It was really fun for me and I stuck with it for close to 6 years in total! I did always take it casually though, never focusing much on the reading part. I mostly played by ear and had a good knowledge of chords and a few scales, which I believe is enough to get you pretty far in guitar.

After that “guitar era”, I went to university, where I pretty much stopped playing completely (too bad really). It’s interesting how you can really feel the difference coming back to an instrument you used to play. Naturally, you feel you are not as skilled as you used to be, and that can be demotivating for some 馃檪 even though nowadays, after 9 years away from playing anything, I feel with a bit of practice I could still have some fun with some of my favorite Pink Floyd solos.

Why the Piano? Why Now?

Well, I don’t know really. I couldn’t even tell you how it started. I just know I found myself listening to more and more piano pieces, and soon was enchanted by those聽amazing visualizations聽you can find on YouTube. The will started growing on me, and seeing videos of other adult piano beginners gave me the motivation I needed. I decided I was still too young to feel “I wish I had done that”, you know? So here I am! Leraned how to set up this website, made a youtube channel, and off we go!!! 馃榾
Reach out if you’re starting a similar journey or if you have any kind of suggestion, it is most welcome 馃檪

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