Hey there! I’m Bruno and I’m the guy behind this project!

Most of my time, I’m working as a software engineer. Much like everyone I know, I used to complain about not having time for anything other than my 9-to-6 job. At some point I realized that you can almost always find the time for something if you really want to, so I set out to learn how to play the piano 🎹

This is not the first instrument I’ve ever learned, but I was away from playing music for almost 10 years before it clicked in me that I really wanted to do this. 

At 27 years old, I am now going through the super interesting journey of learning an instrument, video making, content creation, entrepreneurship, music production, website management, digital marketing… You get the idea. All of this while having the privilege of sharing thoughts and experiences with like-minded people from all over the world ⭐ see you around!

Since you’re here already and you have read this far (impressive!), might as well check a couple of my blog posts. Some of them might interest you. Oh, and give my YouTube channel a try too ❤️

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